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Chemical Engineer Eduardo Budemberg

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Industrial Training in Rubber Technology

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Environmental Applications

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Recuperation of EVA and latex compounds

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42 years of experience in Rubber Technology

The chemical engineer Eduardo Roque Budemberg works with rubber technology for 42 years.

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01. Industrial Training

Industrial training in Rubber Technology with training courses and laboratory tests.

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02. Industrial Consultancy

Development of new products and formulations in Rubber Technology, industrial development, among others.

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03. Environmental Applications

Development of rubber recovery technologies, industrial and agricultural waste recovery technologies, among others.

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04. Industrial Partnerships

Partnerships with rubber manufacturers in the production of new products with silicones, TRs, hybrids, among others.

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About Rubber

It is considered rubber the raw material in his form not netted; and it is designated elastomer, mainly, for the netted material.

The rubber can be natural, obtained from the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) in the shape as of latex and that, after, becomes a well into a material solid; or synthetic rubber than it is to, derived from the fuel oil, is obtained by means of polimerization.

The type synthetic is chemicaly produces as of he forms the one bring forward characteristics as of endurance chemical, thermal or mechanics according to the assets desired.

The rubbers, so much the in natural and the synthetic, they are equipments it would not they present good assets as you used in the shape than it is to they are marketed. The characteristics rubber band they are full-blown by means of formulations (embodies as of additives at the raw rubber forming um composite).

By means of heating of this composite, it's just that the one reaction chemical called vulcanization, reticulation or cure. After this one reaction, the equipment can't be reproceed, as a it's just that with the plastics, and by this cause is denominated as of termfixed.

The assets that can be obtained with the elastomers they depend from the assignation of type as of rubber, from the formulations, from the production process and from the design of the product. Hereof, is the conjugation of these. Four suit than it is to impute at the piece its features endings. They are very important on developing a new product, they may be aware all of conditions at the what the part he will be going to work, as of he forms than it is to the development from the formulations I presented finest cost/advantage. A number of times is required the admixture as of different rubbers for it to in case that purview he determines assets than it is, all alone, did not attain.

Is there a important group of elastomers called “Thermoplastic Elastomers” or TPEs.

They combine the one processbility of the plastics with the performance functional of the elastomers. Does not require being and they present assets rubber band well into certain strip as of the main control thermostat.

Our acting is in level of partnership like an extern enterpriser, to motivate your internal enterpriser.

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